Management & Leadership Training

As many present managers and leaders of water and wastewater utilities in Kansas begin to look toward retirement, there is a concern that much knowledge and experience will be lost. The new KRWA Management and Leadership Program is within KRWA's mission to help educate and support future managers and leaders.

The KRWA Management & Leadership Program will consist of four, non-consecutive days of management and leadership training. Present and former utility professionals will provide this training to help future managers and leaders.

The Training Program:
Day One: discussion of various roles of agencies and the financial capacities of utilities which will include accounting, reporting, budgeting and planning, rate setting and asset management.
Day Two: review of technical capacities including laws and regulations, managing water resources, water and wastewater operations, energy conservation and safety programs.
Day Three: discussions on human resource management, relationship between the manager and governing body, customer service, emergency preparedness, public relations and public policy. The dates and locations for this training will be announced through the KRWA Web site and other notices.

The Certification Program:
KRWA's Management & Leadership Training Program will utilize a Utility Management Certification to recognize professional growth and accomplishments by Kansas' water and wastewater personnel. A "national standard" for utility management certification has been established by the National Rural Water Association to recognize the professional achievements of individuals who have careers in water and wastewater utility management.

How to apply:
Download the Utility Management Certification Application, complete it and return to Kansas Rural Water Association. Once the application is reviewed by KRWA, the applicant will be informed by email or phone (normally within one week) of his/her qualifying status. After approval to take the exam, an email will be sent to the applicant with the instructions for log-in to take the online exam. The applicant will have 90 days to successfully complete the Utility Maintenance Certification; a passing score is at least 70 percent on the 100-question exam. Some applicants may meet the criteria to qualify for the exam (100 points, see instructions on the application) after participating in the KRWA Management & Leadership Program; those courses will be announced through the KRWA Web site and by mail).

The KRWA Management & Leadership Training Program will utilize the same study guide as will the online exam for Utility Management Certification. Click on this link to order the Study Guide from KRWA.

The costs?