Monday, April 6, 2020

KRWA Continues to Provide Services During CONVID-19 Pandemic . . .

Kansas Rural Water Association is continuing to provide services to water and wastewater utilities during the CONVID-19 pandemic.  Training sessions in April are being postponed.  Notices are being provided to all those who were already registered.   Watch the training calendar at for further updates.

If any water or wastewater system is in need of help, just send an email to or call the office or contact a staff member directly.


A note from KRWA

03/31/2020 - Weekly KRWA E-News

On the “Essential” -ness of your work:


While your inbox is being filled with coronavirus statements from every business you’ve ever frequented, the staff of the Kansas Rural Water Association wanted to be sure you know you are appreciated. As the anchors of the evening show story after story about the local coffee shop who is...

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