July 2018

Building on the strong foundation

document authored in 1993 by Ellen

Miller and Elmer Ronnebaum, the

"Bible", was reprinted in 1995 and

again in 2010 with minor revisions. 

A much more extensive review 

and updates in the 2016 printing

were provided by Gary Hanson,

Stumbo Hanson, LLP (ret.).

KRWA also continues to make its

handbooks available to other state and

national organizations. More than 42,000

copies have been provided. 

To obtain copies, contact KRWA, 


A newly updated 

Water Board Bible

is now available from Kansas Rural Water Association

Funding for the 2016 printing is courtesy of the Kansas Rural Water Finance Authority. The Authority has offered to donate copies 

to every rural water district in Kansas, upon such request. The handbook will also be used for board training provided by KRWA. 

"The Water Board Bible strikes the right

tone with respect to current trends including

diversity in the workforce, open government

and post-Flint regulatory climate as well as

the relationship with the consuming public

and their water supply expectations," 

–Gary Hanson