July 2018

the area. Dave Ratzlaff, Water System Manager, noted that

in 1964 the static water table was at 162 feet. Now the static

water level is at 265 feet, a decline of 103 feet in 54 years.

According to Dave, this declining water level has been the

primary cause of the loss of wells at Plains. The city lost

Well No. 1 and No. 2 previously and just recently lost the

use of Well No. 3 due to pumping air into the distribution

system causing customer complaints. The loss of Well No. 3

left the city with only two operating wells that according to

June Bender, City Clerk, were keeping up with the demand

fairly well but the city was concerned about the future,

especially with regard to a possible water shortage with the

next drought.

The new submersible well pump with a 125 HP motor, which

while capable of delivering 750 gpm, will be set to deliver 550

gpm to the system.

The wellhead has been properly sealed to the concrete

pedestal with a vent and drawdown gauge installed.