July 2018

Butler Headliners Perform 

“Past, Present, Future” 

at Opening Session

he Butler Headliners provided another rousing start

to the opening session on Wednesday, March 28. It's

an early trip from El Dorado for the Headliners to

arrive at Century II in Wichita by 7:30 a.m.

But it's a trip they have made for nearly 15

years to help the KRWA Conference have an

invigorating start. Their show was entitled

Past, Present & Future!

The Butler Headliners are a high energy

level show choir; they have national acclaim.

Their performance at the 2018 conference

was described as “simply awesome” by many

of those who attended. The Headliners sang

and danced to a nearly a full house on the

lower level of Concert Hall which seats

1,700. There are 36 singer/dancers in the

show choir. The choir is directed by Valerie

Lippoldt Mack. Two other students serve as

stage manager and sound manager. To be a

participating member of the Headliners

requires that the students maintain a

minimum grade point average. The group’s

members go on after they graduate from

Butler Community College to become

performers for the Walt Disney theme parks,

Worlds of Fun, and other venues – and to

own their own dance studios, and to direct

church and community choirs. They become

doctors, lawyers and teachers.

KRWA provided a $3,000 stipend to the

Butler Headliners in 2018. Always bringing a

complete new show, there's hardly a way to

put more energy and talent on the opening

session stage at the KRWA conference than

this group delivers.