July 2018

ome of the most heroic and successful people are those

who are never recognized by the media.

Rural water and municipal workers can – and, often, do –

fit into that definition of heroism, said Charles Marshall, a

motivational speaker, rock-and-roll drummer and author who

delivered the keynote address at the opening session of the

2018 Kansas Rural Water Association annual conference.

“Obviously, heroes aren’t just the guys and girls flying in

the air, wearing spandex,” Marshall said. “And neither are

they just who we celebrate in our culture, like rock stars and

movie stars.”

“When you look back and think of who influenced you,

heroes look different,” he said. “They were people who used

their time and talents to make the world a better place. And

when I think of the Kansas Rural Water Association, that fits

you perfectly. You are providing a service to your community.

And when we don’t have that service, people recognize it.

“You are working behind

the scenes to make sure people

have better lives.”

We may need a different

definition of “success” than

what is popularly used,

Marshall said. The actor

Charlie Sheen, for instance,

may be well-known and

considered successful because

he is on television. But,

Marshall said, he wouldn’t

want to be just like him.

“I think the best definition

of success is fulfilling your

potential and using your

gifts,” he said. 


Charles Marshall, M Power

Resources, encouraged

people to invest in others.

Redefining heroes . . .

Keynote Speaker Charles Marshall –Author,

Humorist, Drummer –Shares Insights Into Success

etting the annual conference

started off on the right foot is

important. The opening

message is important. And the one

message that Association President

Paul Froelich emphasized to the 1,500

who were in attendance is that the

Lindsay Gulley, Convention Sales

Manager, and Moji Rosson, Vice-

President of Sales at Visit Wichita,

provide a "Welcome to Wichita" at the

opening session. They reviewed many of

the improvements in the city and plans

for the future. 

annual conference is "the people's

conference".  Froelich said, "This is

your conference; KRWA is only the


Froelich challenged everyone to

attend as many sessions as possible,

and to also tour the largest number of

exhibits ever assembled at a water or

wastewater conference in Kansas.

"Ask questions, talk to others, share

your experiences," he said. "By doing

so, you'll make new friends; that's what

an Association is all about –sharing

information and providing information

and help. Make this conference the best

it can be for you."

The Kansas Rural Water Association

has held the annual conference &

exhibition at Century II Convention

Center since 1991. Rental agreements

Paul Froelich, President, KRWA


2018 Opening


are in place to hold the 2019, 2020 and

2021 conferences in Wichita. 

Winners of $250 VISA gift cards

were Charles Hefton, city of Benton

and Justin Rodgers, city of Columbus.

KRWA Board President Paul Froelich: 

"This is YOUR Conference!"