July 2018

The city of Manchester and I

would like to thank your staff for the

assistance in locating our water leak.

We searched for weeks with no luck

and asked for help. Bret Beye came in

with his wonderful machine and after

most of the day found what he thought

was the spot. When the spot was dug

up, the leak was right where Bret


We are very thankful for the help and

it was done on a very cold winter day.

This was a difficult leak to find

because no water was coming up or

pooling as the plumbing company told

us it would be visible if we had a leak

of the size our water usage was


We thank Kansas Rural Water

Association and Bret Beye once more

for a great job well done!

Maggie Slick


City of Manchester 

Kansas PRIDE Inc., wishes to

thank you (KRWA) for your donation

of $1,000.00 on 5/10/2018. With your

corporate donation, we would like to

keep you updated with an electronic

copy of the Kansas PRIDE Newsletter.

This donation greatly helps our

organization to provide support and

recognition for Kansas communities.

As you know, 100 percent of your

donation is returned to Kansas

communities through education,

communication and recognition.

For your records Kansas PRIDE Inc.

is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization

under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal

Revenue Service Code. Kansas PRIDE

Inc. did not provide any goods or

services in exchange for this charitable


Most gifts given to the contribution-

supported organization are considered

charitable. Please consult your tax

adviser regarding the procedures for

claiming charitable deductions.

We sincerely appreciate your


Mendi Anschutz

Board Chair

I have asked KRWA tech assistant

Tony Kimmi to come to Fort Scott

several times over the years for the

purpose of helping to detect and locate

leaks. He has always done his best to

respond to my request as soon as

possible and more often than not been

able to locate a leak so that my crew

could accurately excavate and make

repairs in a timely manner and with the

least amount of excavating and

disruption of yards, sidewalks, 

streets, etc. 

On Tony's most recent visit to Fort

Scott we had water running thru a

storm box continuously for quite some

time. We at first thought it to be

groundwater but as time went on we

began to question a nearby 8-inch

water main. But with no signs

surfacing at the location of the water

main we didn't know if it was leaking

or not or even where to begin looking.

After showing Tony where the water

main lay he used his ground mic and

found a spot that sounded out for a

leak and pegged out the meter on the

ground mic. We marked the area and

called in Kansas One Call Locates.

Early the next morning we began

excavating the spot located. As it

turned out the locate was about eight

feet off, but given that we had no idea

where to begin and also the piping and

ground conditions we encountered

after excavating we have no

complaints on the miss. 

With KRWA's and Tony's help and

expertise we were able locate and

make repairs to the water main that

would have otherwise required us to

hire an contractor to come and do a

one time locate most likely on their

schedule and probably with no better


This type of service helps us to

maintain and work with our budget,

and use our funds towards

infrastructure renewals. We are

interested in looking at our next

couple of water loss reports to see 

if there is a marked declined in 

water lost. 

Elmer Ronnebaum, General Manager

Greg Duryea, Assistant General Manager

Laurie Strathman,Administrative Assistant 

Bret Beye,Technical Assistant

Lonnie Boller,Technical Assistant 

Rita Clary,Technical Assistant

Doug Guenther,Technical Assistant 

Doug Helmke,Water Rights/Source Water Specialist 

Tony Kimmi,Technical Assistant 

Ken Kopp,Water Rights/Source Water Specialist

Jeff Lamfers, Consultant

Pat McCool,Consultant 

Charlie Schwindamann,Wastewater Tech 

Joe Schmelzle, KAN STEP Tech Assistant 

Jon Steele,Technical Assistant 

Mark Thomas,GPS/GIS Mapping Coordinator 

Monica Wurtz,Technical Assistant 

Delbert “Bert” Zerr,Consultant

Paul Froelich, President, City of Enterprise

Bill Shroyer, Vice-President, City of Sabetha

Patricia Shaffer, Secretary, Butler Co. RWD 5, Benton

Allan Soetaert, Treasurer, Johnson Co. RWD 7, Gardner

Carl Chalfant, Director, City of Washington

Mike Fulkerson, Director, Leavenworth Cons. RWD 1, Basehor

Scott Robertson, Director, City of Hesston
Bill Shroyer,Director, National Rural Water Association

Mays & Associates, LLC,Legislative Liaison 



Officers &

Officers &







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