July 2018

Spouses “Paint the Towne!”

t was indeed a “party with a

purpose”. It was a totally unique

spouse program at the 2018 KRWA


The fun-filled event began at 1:45

p.m. on Wednesday, March 28 in a

make-shift room draped in tall curtains

inside Convention Hall at the Century

II Convention Center. Nearly 70

spouses attended – and paint the towne

– they did indeed.

When KRWA first proposed “Paint

the Towne” for the program, one

person commented, “Well, let's have

some wine and chocolate covered

strawberries too!” And so it was. There

were also other soft drinks, ice tea and

cookies. To say a good time was had by

all is an under-statement.

“Paint the Towne” was an

unforgettable afternoon of fun, friends,

and fine art. Where else might anyone

enjoy the food and drink with KRWA

providing the canvas?

In about two hours time, the 70

conference registrants who attended

created their own work of art by just

following the instructions of the

teacher. Everyone worked on a

sunflower as the general painting.

Many of the spouses had never painted

before while some had painting


Numerous requests have been made

to repeat this program in 2019. KRWA

loves to please an audience. Watch for

this on the 2019 program that should

be in the mail about January 5.