July 2018

t's become an expected, annual affair and it's been going

on since 2005. It's the annual effort by the Kansas Rural

Water Association conference-goers to support

WaterPAC. WaterPAC is the PAC for the National Rural

Water Association that allows the NRWA to support those

members of Congress who have helped support legislation

that has been in the best interests of water and wastewater


In 2018, raffle tickets to WaterPAC prizes were purchased

186 individual donors, raising $7,616. 

Paul Froelich, President of the KRWA's board of

directors, commented during the annual meeting of

membership of the KRWA how important the support by

Kansas Rural Water Association has been to

WaterPAC. Legislative proposals concerning

reduction of regulations and funding (loans and

grants) for USDA Rural Development and the

revolving loan funds for water and wastewater

utilities are among NRWA's top priorities in

Washington. And that was especially true in 2018

when the President's budget proposed the total

elimination of the USDA Rural Development

water and wastewater loan and grant program. 

KRWA directors took other opportunities to

explain the programs and how WaterPAC benefits

water systems. KRWA directors have assumed the

responsibility of attending to receiving the


The “Power of NRWA affiliates” is apparent each year

with the NRWA Rally. KRWA typically is represented by

two or three people who meet with Members of the Kansas

Delegation to discuss funding issues and other regulatory

concerns. Sometimes, specific system issues are also

included. NRWA works on behalf of all water

and wastewater systems in support of

reasonableness in regulations dealing with

water and wastewater utilities. In 2013, it was

the NRWA and its state affiliates who led the

effort to ask Congress to end the mailing

requirement of the Consumer Confidence

Reports. In 2018, NRWA led the effort to see

the USDA Rural Development programs not

be eliminated. Numerous regulatory issues

would be even more complex were it not for

NRWA as a stakeholder to weigh in and argue

for reasonableness with the regulations,

particularly as those impact smaller water and

wastewater systems. 


186 Conference-goers 

Contribute $7,616 to WaterPAC