July 2018

Harold Hunzeker, 

Nemaha RWD 1







Harold Hunzeker, Operator for

Nemaha RWD 1 at Bern, Kansas,

received the award “Rural Water


Harold knows storms because soon

after he began work as a new operator,

the water district was heavily impacted

by an ice storm in 2007. The district

was without power for 14 days. In

order to maintain water pressure the

district operator used two tractors with

two PTO driven generators to operate

wells and pumps

The district has low-producing

wells. In 2013 with hot and dry

conditions, Harold monitored the

operation of the wells 24 hours per day

and two other wells 19 hours daily to

ensure adequate water was produced

for the customers. Realizing something

had to be done to alleviate this type of

situation, a search for more water was

initiated. Twenty-eight test holes were

drilled before finally locating water

with suitable quantity and quality. The

district has 152 customers with several

that are large users due to livestock

operations and also is interconnected

to the city of Bern.

During the tenure of this operator,

the district has upgraded operation of

the wells with a telemetry system.

Auto-dialer alarms were also installed.

The district updated all mapping with

GPS mapping. The district included

locations where leaks have occurred on

the maps. All new installations have

both locator wire and are also GPS’d.

Harold says that it helps tremendously

to have a good relationship with the

board of directors who care about the

district’s customers, state agencies and

he appreciates the help received from

Kansas Rural Water Association. If

there’s any free time, Harold and his

wife Sharon enjoy camping.

Julie Stutzman, City of Lyndon





Julie Stutzman, City Clerk at

Lyndon, was named “City Clerk of the

Year” at the 2018 conference.

Julie is a native Kansan who has

been employed in several career fields

including working in the legal area on

bankruptcies, in the medical field doing

medical transcriptions, and for a

prescription supplier before becoming

employed with the city of Lyndon in

2006. There, she began as a part-time

utility clerk and pool manager.

Subsequently, she moved into a full-

time position as city treasurer, and then

into the city clerk position, which she

has held since 2012

During the last six years, while

learning and performing the duties of

city clerk, including attending and

graduating from the city clerk institute

from Wichita State University, the city

lost its city manager. As a result, and in

addition to performing as city clerk,

she found herself taking on the duties

of city manager. She is currently

heavily involved in a major sewer

upgrade project to meet nutrient

removal requirements. Another project

being planned for next year (including

having set aside the necessary funds) is

complete maintenance of the elevated

storage tank. This person has been

described as the “GO TO” person for

all city business.

Outside of work Julie is very civic

minded and really enjoys her two

daughters Renee and Rachael. She also

enjoys the outdoors, especially

camping at Melvern Reservoir.  

Rural Water District No. 2, 

Linn County









Rural Water District No. 2, Linn

County, was recognized as the most

improved water system in 2017. Linn

RWD 2 was nearly bankrupt a few years

ago but today is operating in the black

and has made numerous improvements

Several years ago, the district had

only one employee and hired outside

contractors to perform repair work.

Today, the district has four full-time

employees – an office manager and

three operators. Equipment acquired in

these few years include a mini-