July 2018

measured rainfall so it could

automatically shut off the system if

it were running and we received

significant rain. He checked with

the manufacturer and it was a

common option and it was installed.

Such a simple device saves possibly

hundreds of thousands of gallons of

unnecessary irrigation and helps

protect the aquifer and save

pumping costs. Communication

goes a long way if we will just work

with all the water users in close

proximity of the public water supply

wells. It is much the same with our

wellhead and the source water protection program. When

we update our assessments of possible hazards to our well

field we need to include aquifer performance and water use,

not just chemicals that may impact the water quality.

Staying proactive is the key; we can’t just bury our heads

and think drought will never have an adverse effect on your

city or water district. All public water systems need to have

their emergency plans up to date. This includes water

restriction codes in the event the day comes that it is

necessary to take such action. Dust off that book on the

shelf with your emergency plan and make sure it is current.

Also have your legal staff review the plan to be sure it is

still enforceable.

Paul Froelich is City Superintendent at Enterprise,

Kansas. Since 1983, he has worked extensively in

law enforcement, emergency management 

and municipal operations. He holds numerous

accreditations in Emergency Management 

and Fire and is a certified 

water and wastewater operator.

As I commented earlier,

communication can be the best tool

you have. Establish a working

relationship with the other water

consumers that affect your public

water system's wells and the

relevant state agencies too. We all

have a stake in the future of our

water so let’s work together to use

this precious resource wisely.

And do not hesitate to utilize the

resources of the Kansas Rural

Water Association. Two staff

members are licensed geologists

and have years of experience

working with the Dept. of Agriculture, Division of Water

Resources in water rights. And if your community or system

wants help with emergency plans or any other management

issue – from master meter testing to applying for funding,

KRWA staff are ready, willing and able to help. 

And if your community or

system wants help with

emergency plans or any

other management issue –

from master meter testing

to applying for funding,

KRWA staff are ready,

willing and able to help. 

Letters continued . . .

I would like to thank KRWA and all

you do and also Tony Kimmi again for

all his help and all of you in helping us

to maintain our infrastructure here in

Fort Scott and other cities throughout


Bill Lemke

City of Fort Scott, Kansas

Water Distribution Supervisor

I would like to apologize for my

absence during the scheduled session

that I was supposed to moderate on

Tuesday, March 27 at 10:00 am. My

absence is inexcusable, for some

apparent reason I had written down on

my calendar that I was scheduled for

Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. instead of

Tuesday. When I gathered my

paperwork to leave for Wichita it was

Tuesday at 11:15 a.m. when I saw that

I was supposed to be moderating at

10:00 a.m. on Tuesday. 

Please accept my apologies and I

would be willing to moderate two

sessions for the 2019 KRWA

Conference to make up for my mistake

this year. 

On another note, I would like to

congratulate you, your staff and

everyone that has put effort into this

year’s conference, as it was a

tremendous success. I have attended

this conference for three years and

must say it is one of the best

conferences in the industry. 

I look forward to the 2019


Timothy Kelly


Brotcke Well & Pump, Inc. 

Hey Elmer! I just want to thank

you again for allowing me the pleasure

of speaking to the Kansas Rural Water

Association last week. I had a great

time with all of you and I appreciate

you hosting me. Thanks especially for

your thoughtfulness and helpfulness in

making sure things ran smoothly. 

Thanks also for allowing me the

thrill of playing with King Midas and

the Mufflers. What a great bunch of

guys! I posted a little video of me

jamming with them at



Thank you again for all you have

done. I look forward to hearing from

you soon.

Charles Marshall

M Power Resources