July 2018

The city installed the system

themselves. They placed one camera in

the office and two in the shop. The

outdoor cameras were placed to

monitor the equipment shed, mower

shed, entrance to the shop, the storage

containers, and tree burn site. With

these the operator can see who enters

and leaves the property. If someone

dumps something other than tree or

grass clippings the city can capture the

license tag number. This also works

well to ensure no one steals the scrap

metal or other equipment. The

monitoring system can record for up to

six months before the files are over-

written. A wireless system was

available for $400, but it was decided it

was not needed and instead this city in

northeast Kansas chose the hard wire


Another community I recently

discussed security cameras with had

purchased a system from the local

phone company that installed the

cameras; the cost was approximately

$2,000. I understand there are different

grades of cameras available such as

those that work in daylight or at night.

Several years ago, the shop in

another small Kansas town was broken

into; several pieces of equipment were

stolen, including an air compressor and

generator. They added bars on the

windows and anchored them well. 

Another location I would

recommend monitoring is the local

drop box for bills. Those paying bills

could be monitored as well as anyone

who attempts to break into the billing

box. Cameras would also work well as

security in case an irate customer

comes into city hall or the water

district office. 

Other measures 

Other possible uses for security

cameras might include monitoring

meter readings, flow meters and just

about anything else you might want to

check on and save driving. 

Another security measure is to install

key pads entry locks on doors . This

reduces the need to have the multiple

keys to carry. Codes on key pad door

locks can be changed very easily. Most

small-town fire stations are equipped

with key pad entry so that every

firefighter does not have to have a key

to get into the building. A lot of

communities leave walk-in shop doors

unlocked and garage doors open in

warm weather. Garage door openers

are fairly inexpensive as well, and each

vehicle can have a door opener.

Touch door lock keypads provide a

beneļ¬t of numerous people not having

to carry a key but instead have a code.

And the code can be changed when the

utility decides.