July 2018


Many years ago while

working in Marysville

shortly after the city’s new

wells were installed,

windows were broken and

someone tried to enter the

well house. Bars were

quickly installed on those

windows. Since then the

city has also added

fencing around most of the

wells sites. 


Fencing is required around

wastewater treatment facilities. The

fencing should be checked by operators

when making their daily rounds to

ensure it is secure. Signage is also

required on wastewater treatment


Keep Out

Another security measure I

recommend is to have addresses for all

of the system’s facilities. This includes

wells, lift stations, lagoons/treatment

facilities and maintenance shops. If an

issue arises, addresses assist first

Security bars for windows can be easily

made and installed. They provide

security very inexpensively. 

responders such as police, fire and

emergency medical services in going to

the right location. If you need help at a

lift station for example, and you call

911 and say, “I need them at lift station

#1!” Most responders would not be

familiar with “lift station #1”, but if the

call would include the address, e.g., “I

need help at the lift station at 810

Main”, the response will be made

much sooner. 

Facility Address

Most public employees have been

issued ID cards by their counties in

response to need for mutual aid. The

The chain-link fencing with barbed wire are a good

deterrent for illegal access or vandalism.