July 2018

up being wrong because another utility hits it or

something, it can be looked at positively because the maps

can always be updated.

Having better maps by itself is great for any utility, but

having the mapping data in a shapefile format or a

geodatabase can bring the utility so many more benefits.

When Kansas One Call, Fire Protection Insurance

Specialists, FEMA or engineering firms need the data for

different studies, it's as simple as an email to provide the

information. FEMA follows strict protocol when providing

financial aid when the agency is involved after natural

disasters or other catastrophic events that have damaged

utility infrastructure. They follow strict protocol when

providing financial aid. A utility needs to be able to

provide data that shows what was damaged, how much it

is worth, and more. Having this data in a GIS saves much

time and effort when going through such circumstances,

and enables the system to recoup as much money as


KRWA continues to work on many municipal and rural

water district mapping projects. If any system has an

interest or questions about the process, give KRWA at call

at 785-336-3760 or email me at mark@krwa.net.

Mark Thomas has been a GIS Mapping Tech

since September 2006. Mark has a bachelors de-

gree in geography from Kansas State 

University and has specialized studies in ESRI's

ArcView and ArcPad software. 

Steve Euler, Manager, Morris

County RWD 1 comments on

KRWA GPS mapping . . .

"Morris County RWD No. 1 had KRWA come and

gps our system beginning in 2007. We collected
data in three phases to spread the cost out. Since
then the board of directors has purchased a
Trimble unit so we can collect our own data. I do
this as we make new installations and repair leaks
so we are continually updating our maps. KRWA
processes the data for us and updates the maps.
We use the data almost every day. Our district has
approximately 400 miles of pipeline in four
counties and the data saves many miles for
locates. By having the data on the computer it is
very easy to search addresses for locates and it
saves a lot of miles driving to the sites for every
locate. The data also allows us to email line
locations to our engineer for service reviews, or to
county engineers for road projects, etc. When our
local phone company did upgrades it was easy to
send maps for their design to avoid our water lines
where possible. Accessing the data with my phone
is also very helpful when in the field doing